If you are staying at a hotel, please tell us the name of the "hotel and the room number."

The play rate of the course becomes the deposit system.

I fix it by original full-scale lymph massage.

I make finish by ultimate hand service.

Drunk and Disorderly, Recreational drug user are not accepted. Massage after heavy drinking is unsafe. We do not accept illegal drug user. If such cases occur we will stop the session immediately and no refund will be given. Also we will inform police authorities. Please give us your understanding.

To request, demand and negotiate to have sexual intercourse are prohibited. Please do not request for an act that is not in the service content nor conduct price negotiation.

To induce, to seduce, to stalk are prohibited. Please do not invade our girl's privacy.

Cancellation and changes to another masseuse are not accepted after reservation confirmation is made.

Please pay in advance. Our service is provided only by advance payment.

Use of abusive language, intimidation, threat, violence, yelling are prohibited. Please do not upset our girls.

Secretly filming, secretly recording are prohibited. The acts above are a violation of the Japanese law.

Please do not stop our girl even after the session is over. Our session time begin to count when the girl enter the room and end when the girl leave the room.

urumi (28)

Y162 B86(D) W57 H84


natsumi (29)

Y145 B83(D) W59 H82


asahi (26)

Y157 B92(F) W58 H88


momo (20)

Y147 B87(E) W59 H85


Sora (21)

Y163 B80(C) W52 H80


mai (21)

Y150 B84(C) W56 H82


sara (28)

Y157 B86(C) W58 H85


rio (24)

Y154 B88(C) W58 H84



Y- B7(XYZ) W7 H7


Te cology (777)

Y12 B14(AAA) W21 H24


machiawase (69)

Y25 B7() W9 H3


kaizyosikyuzin ()

Y B() W H


Recruit (20)

Y7 B7() W7 H7